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Bambuclic is a wholesaler of pet products and animal sales, working with hundreds of professionals and retail companies selling animal products throughout Spain. We are a distributor of live animals and pet products and we offer dropshipping service for professional sellers of animal products.

More than 0 references

We have thousands of references ready to be sent to your customers or to your store

No need for a warehouse

We store the products and ship them to the customer

Direct shipments with your name

We can send the products to your store or directly to the end customer with your name

Experts in the distribution of products for pets and live animals

Now become a distributor of pet products very easy

We are wholesaler of products for animals and we distribute throughout Spain the products for professionals and stores that sell pet products.

Becoming a distributor of Bambuclic pet products brings many advantages

Without Warehouse

It is not necessary to have a warehouse, we store it for you

More than 0 references

More than 0 pet products that you can include on your website or in your physical store.

Don’t worry about the logistics

We ship the orders. We prepare the order and send it directly to the customer with your name


Make orders any day at any time on this website, our team gets going

Custom dealer support

As a distributor you get preferential support to answer your questions

Always top quality

We distribute top brands from the best manufacturers

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